Sunday, March 18, 2007

Web Design Tips for Real Estate Websites

When it comes to web design there are certain things that should be considered and one of them is what the website is about. Real estate websites are one of the many types of websites on the Internet today. And for these websites to be successful they need to take into account certain design factors. The following tips will help any realtor design a successful real estate website.

First of all, you want to include photos of all the real estate that is for sale. If you have listings without photos you will miss out on most of the traffic and potential online sales simply because people want to see what they are buying and this is especially so with real estate. If I want to sell my property then the first thing people want to do is see photos of the home or else tour it in person. The next question is the price.

When people want to buy property they want to see the photos first and then know the price. This allows people to quickly determine if they can afford the home or not. Of course, I may be willing to sell my house for cheaper than the asking price but giving potential buyers an idea of the selling price will help you get more hits. That's because people today want instant information. They don't want to call or email you for photos or for the price. They want to see photos of the real estate on your website along with an asking price. Then, if they are still interested they will be willing to ask for more information. So, make sure that you also include a "submit a question" link on your website so that potential buyers can ask about your different properties.

Another great design tip is to break up the real estate photos in sections by location. So, all the real estate of one city in one link and real estate of other cities in other links. That makes it easy for people looking for real estate in one particular location. Or you could separate real estate by zip code. These design elements really depend on where you live and the amount of links or zip codes you would need to include.

These are just some tips for real estate websites to really gain traffic and do a good job of selling real estate over the Internet.

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