Thursday, April 5, 2007

Guidelines for Effective Web designing

Web design, the important aspect of a website has its relevant worth and significance in promoting, developing and garnering traffic to a web site. It needs to be unique and eye catching backed by rich and intuitive layout and copy. Following are a few guidelines of web designing.

Catchy Content Content, if rich and valuable will surely enrich the value of your web designing. It needs to be unique, error-free and well researched so that people can get relevant information and find it easy to browse through your site just according to their needs and requirements.

Good Graphics "First impression is the last impression". While concentrating over web designing, one needs to focus on this aspect and put due effort towards creating quality graphics and photos. Web designing should be in tune with proper optimization of photos and graphics.

Navigation of site Studies shown visitors want to get in to one site within 3 clicks and not more than that. Taking this 3 click rule under consideration, make your site easily reachable. While web designing, make sure every area of your website is easily accessed within 3 clicks. If needed, navigate in all major web sites.

Proper Links no frames Check the links of your site to determine that these are valid and lead to the original destination. Take assistance from the free online services which are specially set up to check the links of sites. Avoid frames to be used in your site as very often they make it hard to book mark individual pages of your site.

These are a few of several important guidelines that should be taken in to consideration while website designing. Your site should be unique in all respect, it should draw more traffic and garner more clicks. And it is only a good and effective web designing that ensures the same.

Summary: Web designing needs to be object oriented. It should be intuitive and value loaded. It needs to be unique and eye catching backed by rich and intuitive layout and copy. Here are a few guidelines about effective web designing.

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